Authorized Translations

The authorized translation is performed, signed and stamped by me Andrei Torok, based on the Permit no. 38501/2018 issued by the Ministry of Justice, by which I authorize and undertake the liability for the correctness and accuracy of the performed translation.

Notarized Translations

The notarized translation is an authorized translation that also has the notarization of the translator’s signature, in other words the notary public certifies that the signature and the stamp belong to the authorized translator.


Interpreting means the verbal translation between persons that are speakers of different languages and the on-the-spot translation of a verbal message from one language to another, maintaining the intended emotions and ideas.

For the INTERPRETATION services I commute to locations in Bucharest and Ilfov, and for the rest of the country the service is only available ONLINE.


Experience 10+

I am an authorized translator and interpreter, who has accumulated over 10 years of experience in this field, while working with clients from all over the world, including lawyers, companies, state institutions and agencies..

I have worked hard all these years to become the best, I have closely studied all that relates to the English language and culture, so that I was able to test my knowledge and abilities during several exams and tests, most important of which having been the that performed by the Foreign Languages Center attached to the Bucharest University, where I have achieved the C2 (native) level for the English language, as well as TOLES (Test Of Legal English) Advanced 2020. In 2018 I have also obtained the Translator Authorization from the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

I am a Perfectionist

I am highly attentive to each detail, as such the translations will be spotless, with no errors and without any words or essence of the content that can get lost.


I promptly reply to the requests and I always assure that I deliver the projects with compliance to the agreed upon term.


Why me?

Because I, an authorized translator and interpreter, am ready to provide you with top-notch quality services.

You work directly with a translator

This fact means that I personally perform each translation and I deliver your project exactly how we agreed that it will be delivered.

Certified & Accredited

I have been certified both by CLS (the Romanian Foreign Languages Center) at the native level (C2), and by Toles (Legal English Advanced), and in the year of 2018 I have obtained the translator permit from the Ministry of Justice.


The opinions of those that chose me

The clients’ opinions certify the satisfaction of a successful collaboration!

Free Consultancy

I provide you with free consultancy, so that you will know from the beginning the exact price and the duration of the project.

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