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Authorized Translations

The authorized translations are those translations bearing the stamp and signature of an authorized translator.

The signature and the stamp of the authorized translator, affixed to the translation, shall certify that the translation is correct without having altered the content and meaning of the original document.

The authorized translator is that translator recognized by the Ministry of Justice and who holds an authorization by which the competence to carry out certified translations as well as interpretation services has been recognized.

Notarized Translations

The notarized translations are in fact the authorized translations that have also been notarized by a notary public.

The notary public certifies that the stamp and the signature on the translation really belongs to a translator authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

It is very important to know that only an authorized translation by an authorized translator can be legalized by the notary. In order for a translation to be certified by a public notary, the certified translation must always be provided in the original copy. 

The notarization procedure shall be carried out by attaching to the translated document a copy of the original document for which the translation has been made, plus the last page bearing the signature of the translator.

Bucharest-Ilfov and Online


Interpreting services are also translation services, the difference is the communication channel. Interpreters or translators shall translate the messages communicated orally from one language to another, while preserving not only the content and meaning of the context, but also the tone and intonation.

Consecutive Interpretation is made by the interpreter standing close to the people who hold the conversation, who regularly give short breaks of speech, in order to facilitate the interpretation of the spoken fragment.  

This kind of interpretation is generally used in medical, tourism, real estate, legal, accompanying foreign delegations, small events, small meetings with a small number of people.

The Simultaneous Interpretation is the translation made at the same time as speaking, the interpreter uses a headset and microphone to facilitate this service. 

This kind of interpreting is recommended for conferences, congresses, business meetings, seminars, or any kind of meeting with a large number of people.


For authorized translations the services are customized according to your needs! They can be performed by delivery by mail or by courier in accordance with the exact format you want (photo or graphics).


For simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation services can be present in both online and in the common predefined locations in Bucharest and Ilfov.


Authorized Translator

I'm an authorized translator with over 10 years experience in this field. I'm qualified at C2(native) level in English by the CLS Center of Foreign languages of the University of Bucharest, I have also obtained the certification of TOLES Legal English Advanced and of course I'm authorized by the Ministry of Justice with the authorization No. 38501/2018.

I'm an authorized freelancer, which means I will personally take care of every project regardless of the service chosen and thus guarantee you the quality of service and timeliness.

You benefit from a free consultancy and tailored offer!

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